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greater hopes

our child placing agency

In January 1988 we began offering services as Adoptions Of The Heart. We chose that name because we believe that each parent makes a plan for their child that starts in the heart.

In November 2005 we became Greater Hopes because we realized that your need for assistance may or may not involve an adoption plan. We understand that you have a greater hope for your child as well as having a greater hope for your own future.

It is our hope that your time spent with us will bring you clarity, determination, and motivation to make the choices for you and your child that are right and unique to you.

our mom's support team

We are always just a text message or phone call away.
  • We understand you may be feeling overwhelmed right now.
  • We want you to know we accept you and your situation.
  • We are here to listen and to help you today.

Cathy Raidna

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Sandra Recker

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some frequently asked questions about adoption



Yes. We believe you know what’s best for you and your pregnancy. Our workers will spend as much time as you need to review all of your pregnancy options, so you can make the choice that’s right for you. Whether you decide on adoption or parenting, we are here to help you.

Yes. All services are provided at no charge to you.

You are in control of every step of your process, and we are here to support and guide you along your path. If you plan an adoption, you choose the family to raise your child. You decide the level of openness that’s right for you and your child. You determine who will attend the birth and when your child will be placed. In collaboration with the prospective adoptive parents you’ll discuss how often you will visit with your child and the adoptive family.

Yes. We regularly have prospective adoptive families who would love to adopt an older child.

Reach out to our workers any time, day or night. You can call or text us at (616) 451-0245, fill out our online inquiry form, or email us at to ask more questions or to arrange a time to talk. If transportation is a problem, we’ll come to you. If we need to call you back we’ll always be discreet.

choosing a family


Yes. We have many amazing prospective adoptive families who have been home-studied and approved by us. You might also want to choose a friend or someone who has been recommended to you. Whatever you choose, Greater Hopes is here to support and help you every step of the way.

You and your personal worker will talk about what is important to you in selecting the family that will raise your child. You may choose from our diverse pool of  adoptive families. To help you make this decision we will provide you with:

  • Complete profiles of the families you want to learn more about.
  • The family’s entire official Home-study Report, which includes detailed information about their home and neighborhood; careers; relationship with each other and family & friends; parenting philosophies and values.
  • A detailed family book written by the prospective adoptive parents that gives birthparents a glimpse into their lives. This autobiographical photo book covers topics such as their childhoods and what they learned from them, family traditions and hopes and dreams for their open adoption relationship. You can also watch short videos of most of our families in which they talk about what they appreciate about each other, and why they want an open adoption.

You’ll review family profiles, which include detailed written information and photos describing the prospective adoptive family’s home, careers, relationship, families, financial stability, parenting philosophies and values. You will meet the family in person, and begin building a relationship with them. You will learn much more about the adoptive parents as you get to know one another.

After your first meeting with the adoptive parents, each of you will decide if you want to proceed in making an adoption plan together. If you do, as you and the adoptive parents get to know one another, you decide what you want your adoption relationship to look like. Every adoptive family we work with is committed to learning everything they can about how a successful open adoption can work. With your personal worker guidance, you will also develop a birth plan by deciding the following:

  • Will the adoptive family be with you during the birth?
  • Will the baby stay in your room during your time at the hospital?
  • What do you want your hospital time to look like?

Yes. If you as the birth mother would like a family who live in another state to adopt your child, Greater Hopes will work with you to make that happen.

You do not have to choose a family through Greater Hopes. We will work with you and the family you select. Even if you know the family you’ve chosen, it helps to have your own support and your own personal worker to facilitate the discussion of issues, such as your hospital experience and your post-adoption contact. Our workers can help with these issues and provide you with guidance as you and your adoptive family develop an ongoing relationship.

The families who chose to partner with Greater Hopes are committed to developing a long-term relationship with the child’s birth family. They have passed background checks, had a thorough home-study completed and worked with us to prepare for their open adoption relationship. Your personal worker will help you realize your adoption vision, and provide you and the adoptive parents with the tools you’ll both need to create a strong and healthy foundation for your relationship. We empower everyone to build a foundation of respect, honesty and openness with one another. During this process you will become part of the Greater Hopes Community. You will have access to ongoing support groups, counseling, and social activities at no cost to you.

at the hospital and after


Yes, you may name the baby. The name you choose will be on the original birth certificate. The adoptive family will also name the baby, and they will receive another birth certificate, which is created once the adoption is finalized. Sometimes birth parents and adoptive parents incorporate the names they like onto both the original and adoptive birth certificates. Choosing a name that all of you like can be part of the discussion during the adoption planning process.

Yes, we will work with you to make a well thought-out Hospital Plan. You will have the opportunity to decide ahead of time about the amount of time you would like with your baby.You can spend as much time as you would like. You will choose who else sees the baby. You’re in control of what you want your hospital experience to be like. Your personal worker will help you make all these arrangements.

This will depend on your choice. Many birth mothers want their baby placed with the family by the time they leave the hospital.

You cannot sign anything until after the baby is born. After the birth, you will decide the time that is best for you to sign documents. Many birth mothers want to sign documents the day they leave the hospital, but you are in control and decide when that is most comfortable for you.

Yes. If you wish to, you may continue to see your child throughout the child’s life. With the help of Greater Hopes you and the adoptive parents will work out what your ongoing relationship will look like together. Greater Hopes can help you develop an extended family relationship with the adoptive family that feels comfortable and natural to all of you.

We strongly encourage you to stay in touch and become part of our community. We are always here for you for post-placement and open adoption counseling and support. You are welcome and encouraged to join in our community events, including our summer picnic and our holiday party. We also have special social events and groups just for you!

An open adoption allows you to express your love for your child, in an atmosphere of honesty and openness. Openness is especially beneficial for the child. Research shows that adolescents who have ongoing contact with their birth parents are happier. Openness allows them to better understand the reasons for their adoption and promotes more positive feelings toward their birth mother.

what our mom's say about us


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these are the important truths about adoption

Choosing adoption means I don’t really love my baby.

FACT.  Parents who explore adoption are motivated by their love and concern for their child. Typically, parents who make an adoption plan are doing so because they feel the child’s needs will best be met through adoption.

I got myself into this. I need to do the responsible thing and keep my baby.

FACT. Considering your options demonstrates taking responsibility. Exploring your circumstances, feelings, and the needs of your child will empower you to make a decision that’s right for you and your child.

My friends and family will think badly of me if I plan an adoption.

FACT. Many people are unfamiliar with open adoption. You may need to educate your friends and family. If you feel comfortable and confident in your open adoption plan, that will set the stage for how they perceive your decision.

If I plan an adoption, I will be haunted by grief and guilt.

FACT. There is grief and loss in adoption, however, open adoption allows you to have a role in your child’s life and the ability to see your child thrive in their adoptive family. This brings you peace of mind and a relationship with your child.

Open adoption is confusing for children.

FACT. Secrets are confusing and unhealthy for children. Open adoption removes the mystery and allows the child’s questions to be answered openly and honestly. With the love and support of their birth and adoptive families, children develop high self-esteem and a healthy sense of identity.

If I plan an adoption, I’ll never see my child again.

FACT. Today, most adoptions are open, with some form of ongoing contact. At Greater Hopes you develop a relationship with the adoptive family and we will all figure out together what ongoing visits with your child will look like. Your role is honored and respected.

just 3 of our many amazingly families

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