Richie & Autumn

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Richie & Autumn

Autumn and Richie’s story started out with a shared laugh in a high school jewelry class and that laughter has sustained them ever since!

Autumn is a 2nd-grade teacher and has always had a heart for working with children. She enjoys their passion, their enthusiasm, and their excitement for life! No matter the situation Autumn will find joy in it and roll with the punches. She is the perfect mixture of fun and focus!

Richie manages an Allstate insurance agency and loves meeting and building relationships with his clients. Richie is also a lacrosse coach for Caledonia High School and has a passion for mentoring and pouring into his players. He is very encouraging, helpful, positive, and down to earth. He wants everyone to feel loved, to feel important, and to know that they are valued!

Autumn and Richie live in a suburban neighborhood with parks, bike trails, and even farms all around! Their neighborhood is full of children, friendly families, and there’s always something to fun do. Autumn’s sister, Chelsea, and niece, Lianna, live with them. They love playing games, watching movies, and playing outside. They all have dinner together as a family, sitting around the kitchen table and everyone helps in one way or another with the meal whether that be cooking, setting the table, or clean up and dishes. Their evenings usually includes reading at least four books with Lianna!

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